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Leading Marketing Experts In

Leading Marketing Experts In

You’re the talent!
We make sure everyone knows where to find you
and why you’re the best.

Who We Serve

Medical Spas

Body Contouring - Laser Treatments - Injectables - Facials - RF Microneedling - Skin Treatments

Plastic Surgeons

Tummy Tuck – Breast Augmentation – Liposuction Mommy Makeovers – BBL Butt Lift – Rhinoplasty


Invisalign – Veneers – Dental Reconstruction Elective Procedures - Cosmetic Dentistry

Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics

Semaglutide – Tirzepatide – GLP-1s IV Therapy – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Patient Acquisition with Paid Ads

We excel at running paid ads, ensuring they reach the right audience and outshine the competition. In a saturated market, we make sure you stand out. We craft clickable ad copy, create engaging videos, and write perfect headlines and captions, maximizing your ad budget for the best results.

Search Engine Optimization

Drive more traffic to your website and attract potential leads effortlessly. We develop your site, create SEO content to catch Google’s attention, and design page layouts with strategies that boost interaction, converting visitors into clients—all without extra advertising costs.

Web Design & Development

Transform your website with a beautiful, fast, and mobile-optimized upgrade. We create sleek, attractive sites that match your aesthetic and elevate your brand. Our seamless user experience ensures your services and memberships stand out.

Text & Email Marketing

We specialize in crafting strategic promotions tailored for your audience. Using cutting-edge tools, we ensure your messages stand out and deliver results. Our talented artists create unique, eye-catching graphics, while our scientifically proven marketing content captures attention. By considering your team’s workflow and your audience’s responses, we meticulously engineer every element—from calls to action to the core content—to maximize engagement and drive results.

Lead Management Tools, Secret Shopping & Sales Training

Stop wasting marketing dollars on an agency that doesn’t support you. We empower your team with front-desk training, turning each member into a conversion pro. Our strategic text templates ensure your business is conversion failure-proof. We customize your drip campaigns and templates based on lead responses, maximizing your conversion rates. We don’t use AI-generated language; we use actual medspa messaging because we have real medspa experience.

One-stop solution for your marketing needs

Our all-inclusive digital marketing service means you don’t need multiple companies—we provide everything. We offer an all-inclusive resort approach to marketing at affordable prices:

Medstar Media vs Other Agencies

Work that gets results.

People hire us to make sure they look better than
all the other competitors in their market.

People hire us to make sure they look better than all the other competitors in their market.

Why partner with us

The proof is in the pudding! We know aesthetics, and we can prove it.
We are easy to work with and offer flexible terms,120-day minimum and then month-to-month.
Take a look at how we helped our clients outperform their competitors in big and small markets:
#1 in NYC + Nation Coolsculpting, Emsculpt 

#1 in Utah

#1 in Beverly Hills
BTL products
#1 CO
Plastic Surgery + Medspa
Top Cosmetic Surgeon MA
#1 in Chicago
Medspa + Plastic Surgery Site
#1 San Antonio
Top Clinic South Carolina
Wellness + Aesthetics
Pain Clinic + Aesthetics
#1 Peni$ Englargement Doc (barter deal-lol)
Simple, fast, and easy—that’s what my dad taught me when I was seven. He explained that I had ADHD. It turned out to be great marketing advice, too. My secret to success? I cater to short attention spans, ensuring my clients’ online presence is straightforward, quick, and effortless for customers to find and engage with.
– Chris Zelig, Founder & CEO of Medstar Media

We hire the best,
so you get the best.

Our Story

We are a dedicated husband and wife team driven by our love for entrepreneurship and small businesses.
We understand the passion and dedication required to build a business from the ground up, and we extend that love to our clients, becoming their staunchest advocates.

Chris began with Google ads in 2003, leading teams that generated leads for major brands. Inspired by this experience, he founded Medstar with a focus on empowering small spas to achieve industry leadership in aesthetics. Starting with a single NYC medical spa, he helped them achieve global leadership in CoolSculpting + Emsculpt sales since 2017. He then replicated his strategy nationwide, assisting numerous spas in becoming top providers in their markets.

Ivonne brings a wealth of artistic insight from her work with choreographers at the New York City Ballet, renowned for preserving dance aesthetics and excellence while fostering contemporary creativity. Her experience aligns with our commitment to innovation and client dedication.
Together, we merge our passions and expertise to champion your success, crafting tailored strategies that elevate your business and expand your audience. Our mission is not only to achieve results but to embody the spirit of dedication and creativity that defines our journey.

Our Viral Videos Have
Reached Millions Of People

Click on the posts below to watch the videos.

We love that our clients love us

60+ million generated in revenue with Medstar’s help.

Sarah B.
Thanks to Medstar we’re #1 for Bodysculpting (Midwest) and a Top 1% injector (USA).
Laura B.
Available 24/7… they even responded on Christmas.
Dr. Lowney
Triple the amount of leads in 3 months. Cannot recommend them enough.
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Cesar
70% to 80% increse in revenue. They are rockstars!
Hartley Health & Wellness
Best in the business.
Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo
Don’t be a Stranger.
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Helping YOU make the world more beautiful via Aesthetic Patient Acquisition.

Digital Marketing for Doctors,
Dentists, and Medical Spas.
Digital Marketing for Doctors, Dentists, and Medical Spas.
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