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MedStar Media’s medspa marketing uses SEO, website design, paid ads, and more to boost your medical practice, increase sales, and improve website traffic.

Medical Spa
Marketing Guide

Learn How To Grow Your Medical Spa & Increase Patient Acquisition With Expert Digital Marketing Tips

We have the number one clients in the country, and we’re going to tell you how we do. This comprehensive guide details proven strategies and services that have helped our clients grow their medical spas and dominate the industry.

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The Med Spa Industry Is Booming!

The Aesthetics industry is growing at a substantial rate. The global market size for aesthetic treatments was valued at USD 63.5 billion in 2021. The market is projected only to go up. The latest research shows a 9.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2023. By 2030, the market is expected to double to a staggering USD 145.7 billion.
Non-invasive body contouring treatments like Emsculpt NEO and CoolSculpting significantly contribute to this market’s success. According to data published by the Aesthetic Society, non-invasive body contouring ranked among the top 5 non-invasive procedures performed in the US.
In addition to body contouring, cosmetic injectables are another contributor to this market’s success. According to a plastic surgery statistics report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 7.4 million injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) and 2.6 million dermal filler injections in 2018 alone. This makes them the top two most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the country.

More Demand Means More Competition

According to the American Med Spa Association, there were only 1,600 medical spas in the U.S. in 2010. Now in 2023, we have seen that number more than triple with an impressive 9,500 medical spa facilities operating in the country! With soaring demand for aesthetic treatments, more and more providers are expanding their business to tap into this growing industry—making it an extremely competitive market.
To be successful in this saturated market, it is essential to have strong med spa marketing and lead nurturing strategies.
This guide will cover the essential ways to bring more business into your medical spa, retain your customers, and increase your overall customer lifetime value.

Medspa Digital Marketing Services

These comprehensive digital marketing services and strategies help build optimal brand recognition as a leader within the aesthetics industry. In return, you will grow your medspa business—increasing profitability and new patients.
Our services include:

Website Design and Development

Having an attractive and practical custom website is important for your med spa business. Your medspa website design should be mobile-ready to accommodate the increase in online traffic using mobile devices and search engine optimization to help achieve your business goals and support your digital marketing campaigns. In addition, the website needs a visual hierarchy to highlight the important site elements and encourage website visitors to select your med spa business for its aesthetic services.

Your website is a vital touchpoint between you and your customers in today’s digital world. A good website accomplishes three main objectives:

It provides a great user experience for its visitors

It establishes trust and consumer confidence

It makes it easy for the visitor to contact the business

Benefits of Web Design and Development

Sales growth

Generates long-term relationships with your customers

Competitive SEO

Accessibility to a larger audience

User-friendly website

Up-to-date marketing strategies

Well-maintained consistency

Branding authenticity

Paid online advertising is a large part of digital marketing strategies for helping your medical spa get the attention it deserves. Medical spa advertising is necessary for your business in today’s digital world. This form of marketing targets a wider audience, increases your brand awareness, achieves higher conversion rates, is more cost-effective marketing, and is customizable.

Paid ads also reach a specific demographic and geographic, consistently delivering the right message to the right audience. The best approach to paid advertising is to get higher engagement and website traffic.

Benefits of Paid Digital Advertising

Consistent leads

Good for local searches


Matches your budget

Instant targeted traffic

Rank on the first page of the SERPS

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization uses careful keyword research and practices to achieve higher organic SEO rankings—increasing your medspa’s visibility in search results. Best SEO practices perform extensive keyword research, optimize on-page and off-page, track website traffic and SEO rankings using multiple programs, including Google Search Console. The best strategies also attract a steady stream of leads and website traffic from potential patients, increasing conversions.

Medical spa SEO focuses on the many branches of Search Engine Optimization. These branches include local SEO, technical SEO, Google Business Profiles, and more to make sure you show up in search engines.

SEO Graphic Medstar Media

Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Generate FREE traffic to your website

Develop trust and consumer confidence

Improve online visibility and web presence

Educate and engage your existing patients

Establish brand awareness

SEO has the best ROI

Distinguish your business as an authority

Can reach a wide range of prospective patients

Social Media

Your social media strategy is an important part of the growth of your medical aesthetic practices. If you want to expand and market your audience on the various social media platforms, you need to build social media ads and campaigns that help attract the right audience, grow your business, and engage followers.
Social media marketing should identify your goals, evaluate your customer’s online behavior, and design the most innovative campaigns. In addition, it is important to use data and analytics, develop your custom social media brand, and provide paid advertising strategies entirely tailored to your business and personal brand.
Organic social media marketing consists of posts or informational content you create and share in hopes of reaching an existing audience. If you are new to a social media platform, this is a great place to start. Make consistent social media posts about your current promotions, or reach new clients by sharing links to your blog posts. A post about a non-surgical facelift (EMface) or an introduction video featuring a specialist discussing Botox while showing how they inject the liquid will pique consumers’ interest.

Benefits of Social Media

Boosts your brand

Improve sales and conversion rates

Engage your audience

Improve SERP presence

Promote customer service

Can reach a wide range of prospective patients

Email Marketing

Medical spa email marketing campaigns seamlessly integrate with your other digital marketing strategies. It is a highly effective channel for growing your business and increasing conversions. Email campaigns allow you to engage with new or existing customers and build relationships with leads by providing relevant, timely, and valuable information to help them act with your business. It is crucial that your emails stand out and work for your med spa, with personalized email newsletters helping keep you out of the spam folders and encourage the desired action.
A successful email campaign is one that will encourage patients to click through to your website and convert. We know that interacting with your existing clients is a great way to see how they are responding to your emails and what kind of offers they like. Use this valuable information to continue producing emails that are perfect for your business, customers, and conversion rates.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Improve sales

Generate traffic to your website

Reach a larger audience

Increase patient retention

Increase leads

Provide more value to your customers

Send timely campaigns

Enhance communication with customers


E-commerce web design is a crucial part of your marketing efforts. Platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify allow customers to pre-buy services before visiting your spa or medical clinic for consultation and treatment. In addition, e-Commerce platforms can be input into your website, enabling you to pre-sell treatments online. To effectively sell your services, your website design is crucial for success.

Why E-commerce Is Important

Business Operations
eCommerce marketing strategy allows you to create an easy-to-use, organized system of siloed channels. Using data tracking tools to monitor your leads and brand interactions, you get access to multi-channel product listings. This allows you to reach more customers across a larger platform—optimizing your management operations.
Reduce Abandoned Carts + Drive More Sales
Based on Baymard Institute data, they calculate the average cart abandonment rate as 69.99%. Using digital Medspa marketing tactics, email marketing, and eCommerce optimization services, you can convince your online shoppers to return and complete their original purchases.
Strengthen Your Online Foundation
Place your brand in front of the best buyers who are most likely to generate sales and become repeat customers. eCommerce marketing covers many web solutions, including social media brand management, SEO, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). When done properly with the right digital marketing agency, these solutions boost your online reputation, increase your reach, and drive more sales.

Benefits Of E-commerce

Faster buying process

Flexibility for customers

Store and product listing creation

No reach limitations

Cost reduction

Product and price comparison

Affordable advertising and marketing

Faster response to buyer/market demands

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a process by which you communicate with your leads over time, helping them to become customers. As a medical spa, it is your job to determine what your leads are looking for and deliver those results. We help you nurture your leads in different ways, including front desk training, secret shoppers, and more.
Once you have prospects in the funnel, nurturing them with helpful, relevant content moves potential buyers through each stage of consideration until they are ready for the sale. Nurturing is the safety net for every step of the buying cycle. We help ensure that no revenue opportunity is missed.
The best lead nurturing focuses on converting contacts well within your marketing database, not generating new inquiries. Without med spa lead nurturing, inquiries are nothing more than hand-raisers. While they demonstrate interest, they need further profiling and cultivation to achieve a sale. Lead nurturing marketing programs and processes to make that happen!

Benefits Of Lead Nurturing

Saves time and money


Increases click-through rates

Engages your audience better

Creates targeted campaigns

Assists in capturing new leads

Builds brand awareness and credibility

Why Choose Medstar Media
For Your Medical Spa Marketing

MedStar Media is a family-owned med spa marketing agency. With our team of experts, we provide goal-oriented advertising and marketing solutions for your medical spa or clinic. Our primary focus is to help businesses increase their client retention, maximize conversion opportunities, and inevitably grow their medical practice.
We closely communicate and collaborate with each of our clients so we can customize the best strategy to fit their unique needs. Our founders have worked within the digital marketing and website design sector since 2005. Since then, we have used our decades of experience in paid advertising, social media, website development, content creation, search engine optimization, and more to help our clients thrive in such a competitive market.

Data-driven Digital Marketing Services

Research and data are a necessary part of success. We analyze your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to create up-to-date metrics and generate actionable insights for your medical spa’s success.

Industry Experts

MedStar Media has a team of digital marketing professionals with decades of experience within this industry. We work with doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and more to help their medical facilities grow and attract the right clientele. Whether you need support in creating SEO content or lead nurturing to achieve the best conversions possible, our marketing team has you covered. In addition, we represent some of the biggest names in the aesthetic industry, helping them continue to dominate in a rapidly expanding market.

Campaign Monitoring
And Evaluation

MedStar Media establishes your campaign metrics and performs regular monitoring and evaluations to determine the success of your med spa marketing. We use a variety of programs, such as Google Analytics, to monitor your results and success. In addition, we adjust the online marketing tactics as needed to improve your audience reach so your business gets optimal traffic.

Custom Digital Marketing Framework

Our medical spa marketing company takes a comprehensive approach to online marketing. We review your current practice’s marketing strategies and online presence, set performance indicators and goals, identify your personal brand, and integrate your customer experience for fully customized marketing. In doing this, our team structures the perfect marketing framework for optimal performance.

Medical Spa Marketing Faqs

Medical Spa
Marketing Faqs

Digital med spa marketing encompasses all aspects and activities of marketing your medical spa across all digital channels. These tactics focus on targeting the right type of clientele for your business.
Every medical spa or practice should have an apparent online presence to grow its business. However, it goes much beyond simply having a website. Med spa marketing solidifies and enhances your online presence to attract the right customers, boost organic online traffic, and effectively increase your success.
The best way to increase medspa sales is by investing in digital marketing. A good digital marketing plan can help put your medspa in front of the right audience–driving sales, increasing your clientele, and helping your business thrive.
Profitable medical spas have processes to convert customer interest into a sale. They also tend to have a solid social media presence, an SEO plan in place, and a visually appealing website design. In addition, they tend to have initial interactions with prospective clients laid out, scripted, and rehearsed so the staff knows exactly how to interact with customers and drive sales.
Digital med spa marketing is the fastest way to reach your desired clientele. The best marketing services help you gain the online presence and organic search traffic needed to boost your sales in the quickest, most efficient timeframe.
A successful med spa marketing company will have a straightforward course of action for your business. This means they assess your current and future marketing needs. In addition, they will boast a team of experts who have a specific way of helping you achieve your business goals, offer consistent and transparent reports, and take the time to dedicate themselves to providing a thorough marketing plan that will flourish with time. Choosing an agency with proven successes, client testimonials, case studies, and any online reviews is also important.

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