Med Spa SEO

How to Increase Traffic and Dominate Google

How to Increase Traffic and Dominate Google


Improving your medical spa’s business and boosting growth begins with an effective SEO strategy. Expert SEO for your med spa is the best way to ensure your website appears in all the correct search engines to attract potential customers. This means your online content is fully optimized to ensure your business is front and center when needed.

This comprehensive guide covers the basics of SEO and how your medical spa and practice can benefit from the best SEO strategies.


SEO or Search engine optimization is marketing with search engines. It is the practice of optimizing your website to rank higher on Google’s Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP). Google reserves a section of its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for organic listings. Websites with good SEO get their website listed in the organic listings section. 

Unlike paid advertising, organic visibility cannot be bought. It must be earned. This is where effective SEO really begins to work its magic.


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Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the most effective, durable, and economic strategy for generating online traffic (visitors to your website.) 

Organic traffic is free

Organic clicks cost nothing. In comparison, paid advertising, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC,) costs money every time someone clicks on your ad.

Organic traffic converts.

Visitors that find your site via a search engine are typically further down the sales funnel than visitors who click on the first ad they see. Organic visitors are among the highest converting channels for website traffic.

SEO is durable

As long as your website is SEO optimized and your content is the best on the internet, your page will reign on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). By improving your ranking in Google's organic results, you will:



There are many things that can impact Search Engine Optimization. These factors are what influence your Med Spas ranking, your organic traffic, and ultimately the success of your website, content, and business: 


Google uses a proprietary algorithm to rank websites. This algorithm is kept secret to ensure impartiality, but Google has been straightforward about the main objective of its algorithm: user experience.

Google is far and away the #1 search engine in America. It aims to provide users with results that meet their needs, which is why the most relevant results appear first. When ranking websites, Google considers many factors. Such as: 

  • Fast loading speed
  • Backlinks to your website
  • Quality, informative content
  • Expertise, Authority, & Trustworthiness


Google is focused on providing the best user experience for all. This is why they use robots and artificial intelligence to crawl websites and rank them according to their algorithm.

Technical SEO optimizes websites for search engine robots that “crawl” them. This ensures everything is in order so that the bots can read and interpret your website easily. Without technical SEO, your website may not rank as well.

UX User Experience (UX) is important because it reflects how people feel about the products and services you offer. If they have a good experience, they will feel good about it and want to keep using it. But if they have a bad experience, they will be less likely to come back.

UX refers to everything that happens to your users when they interact with your business via your website or online communications. It includes everything people see, hear, and do, as well as their emotional reactions. The UX of your website directly affects a customer’s perception of your brand and its quality.

In the world of SEO, content is king. Quality content is essential for a high-ranking website. Google says content is one of its top 3 ranking factors. 

Content” refers to everything you put on your website for the user’s consumption. It covers all the creative elements: textual, audio, and/or visual. Content includes blog posts and articles, service descriptions, before and after images, videos, diagrams, charts, interactive media like quizzes, infographics, etc.   

For your website to rank organically, it will need a lot of written content, videos, and images.  


Many word processors will calculate your readability score. For example, below is the readability score this content received from the Microsoft Word editor:

Yoast, a plugin for WordPress, will also rank your readability. You can also copy and paste your content into a ranker that is free online, like

For our clients, Medstar Media uses Microsoft word editor, Grammarly editor, and the Yoast Plugin on our WordPress sites to ensure our content has optimal “readability.”


Traffic from various sources online is positive for your rankings on Google. This is why social media marketing is a very crucial component in off-page SEO. Social media is a great way to share content across your different social channels as a way to gain more website traffic. In addition, social media also improves engagement data, increases the chance of someone discovering your content, and helps build your overall brand. 

Link building is an important part of off-page SEO. It is the process of getting other websites to link to your website, allowing you to achieve a higher spot on the SERPs. Link building is crucial for your website’s success because search engines value quality over quantity. This means it is more important for your website to acquire a few trustworthy links as opposed to several dozen that are seemingly spammy. Getting a few key authoritative sites to link to your blog is the key to doing this. 

Local SEO is a very important part of off-page SEO. Local SEO can affect your online presence significantly in your area. Local SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimization, makes you visible online to nearby consumers actively searching for the services you offer in your area. 

Local SEO gives your business its best chance to compete in an increasingly saturated market.



Not all websites are ranked equally. According to Google, websites that promote products or services that impact the user’s happiness, health, financial stability, or safety are held to a higher standard. 

Google categorizes websites. Sites that promote products or services or provide Information that may impact the user’s happiness, health, financial stability, or safety are categorized as YMYL. This stands for “your money, your life.” Websites belonging to spas, clinics, dentists,  or other medical professionals fall into the YMYL category. 

Google holds YMYL sites to a higher standard. The search engine uses a  special algorithm for YMYL websites. The algorithm prioritizes “experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness” (EEAT). 

This algorithm change for YMYL sites quickly became known as the “medic update” due to its impact on websites promoting health, medical, and aesthetic services. 


Experience is important. Your clients want to know you have the first-hand knowledge, experience, and licensure to perform or provide these specific medical spa services. 


Google wants to highlight content written by the industry’s “experts.”


Authority is a concept in search engine optimization that refers to the level of trust that a website has in the eyes of Google. When you have authority, you have an advantage over websites that are less authoritative. A website with high authority ranks higher in search results than one with low authority. Google has determined that the content on the high-ranking website is trustworthy enough to place it higher up on its list of search results.

There are various ways you can establish authority. Start by incorporating backlinks on your website, investing in quality content, and maintaining a consistent social media presence.


To have a successful website, people have to trust it and the information it contains. The first step in establishing trustworthiness is making sure that all of your content is original and truthful. Build a relationship with your reader by providing them with useful information that helps them solve their problems or meet their needs. There are different ways to do this. One way is through original, high-quality blogs and articles. Learn what people are asking about and provide the answers in an engaging way. Though keywords are essential for search engine optimization, it is important to write for your readers first. Avoid keyword stuffing!

Finally, include an easy-to-follow privacy policy on your website. This way, visitors know exactly what will happen with their information if they submit it or subscribe to something. Be transparent about where all of this information will be stored. At the end of the day, people want to know that they are safe on your website.


SEO does not generate immediate results like paid advertising (pay-per-click ads) on Google or social media platforms. Great websites take time to work their way up the ranks of google search results. 

how long does it take to rank?

When it comes to SEO, the question “How long does it take for a website to rank?” is common. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long things will take to rank – or even when a URL begins ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is because Google does not let us know how long things take. They do not want people manipulating their algorithms and rankings to get to the top.

SEO is not something you can get overnight, and there are no hard-and-fast rules on making a site rank sooner. But if you are consistent and invest in top-notch content, your website will eventually rank for the most important keywords to your business. Google recognizes quality and will rank you accordingly.

Once your website starts ranking, you must continually maintain it. SEO is not a one-and-done deal. Remember that trends change. Your keywords and content must keep reflecting these changing trends to keep your high ranking. Today, there are fantastic resources out there that can help you stay on top of keywords. For example, SEMRush tracks keyword trends and other important metrics. This information gives you a clear idea of where things stand at any given moment. From there, you can refresh your content to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes.



To learn more about how MedStar Media is an effective med spa SEO agency, request a free analysis and med spa marketing consultation. We use different strategies and tools to help boost your online traffic and ultimately increase conversions. We will provide actionable tips and real-world examples to ensure the consultation is valuable and worth your time (whether you decide to work with us or not).

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