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Med Spa Lead Generation

Med spa lead generation or lead nurturing develops and maintains a strong relationship with your clients for better customer retention.

Med spa lead generation or lead nurturing develops and maintains a strong relationship with your clients for better customer retention.


At its core, lead nurturing cultivates leads that are not yet ready to buy. Successful nurturing anticipates the buyer’s needs based on who they are, using profile characteristics and where they are in the buying process.

Effective nurturing tactics can bring in new clients, increase retention, and lead to conversions, ultimately improving your medical spa’s success.


Lead nurturing is a process by which you communicate with your leads over time, helping them along their path toward becoming a patient. As a medical spa provider, it is your job to find out what your leads are looking for, and deliver just that.

You can nurture your leads in many different ways. Most providers rely on emails, texts, and/or phone calls. It is always a good idea to be proactive and ask consumers what they prefer. But no matter how you choose to communicate with your leads, the goal is always the same. Get them excited about experiencing aesthetic treatments in your medical spa!


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We have found that emails are rarely responded to. Sometimes, they get filtered out into the spam folder. Other times, people read emails but forget to respond (or simply don’t feel compelled to). Today, many of us prefer texts because we are always on our phones, but may not be able to talk. Texts allow us to get back to people later when it is more convenient. Phone calls can be hit or miss, but they have their advantages. Some leads like the extra human element to this form of communication. It helps build trust and can make you seem more personable.

Regardless of the communication method, the key is to find out what works best for your med spa lead generation and stick with it.

We approach lead nurturing for medspa lead generations by focusing on some key aspects:


You may be a doctor with an impressive resume, a seasoned business owner, or a highly trained aesthetician. Regardless of the staff member’s pay grade or prestige, the most important staff member in your entire medspa operation is the person answering the phone.  

Your front desk receptionist is the first line of contact with a potential customer. They make or break the deal. Your marketing efforts will mean nothing if you cannot secure the leads generated online. 

Proper front desk training is an integral, yet often ignored, part of successfully selling medical spa treatments and increasing med spa lead generations. Improving your front desk and lead nurturing practices is one of the best ways to book more consultations and sell more treatments. 

Furthermore, improving your front desk practices will decrease no-shows, set the customers’ expectations for the consultation, upsell more, and make you more money overall.


The person who answers the phone is the spokesperson for your business. They impart the first impression a potential customer has with your business. 

Front desk receptionists have three main objectives when answering a call about cosmetic treatments. And while these three things are simple, mastering these objectives takes training, practice, and expertise.

In the following breakdown, we focus on Emsculpt treatments, but the concept applies to other popular services including Botox, Dermal Fillers, EMFace, Emtone, and EMsella as well.


1. Educate and answer questions

2. Excite

A front desk receptionist should be passionate about the Emsculpt treatment. Excitement is contagious, and it’s important to get the caller excited. Incorporating personal experiences is a great way to genuinely express why you are so excited about Emsculpt or Emsculpt NEO.

3. Book a Consultation

This is the ultimate objective of the front desk receptionist.

Anyone answering the phone should be able to:

If a staff member does not know about Emsculpt nor how to engage a caller and book a consultation properly, they should not answer the phone. This may require that all staff know the proper protocol for answering Emsculpt inquiries.


However, it is very hard to estimate a cost when discussing personalized treatments, like Emsculpt. 

When someone asks how much a treatment costs, try to redirect them towards scheduling a consultation. If they inquire again or are persistent, consider providing a rough estimate. Remember, many callers are price shopping. If you refuse to provide a ballpark figure for them, they may completely move on from your business. 

Provide an estimate by taking the lowest possible cost of a single Emsculpt treatment and say, “treatments start at $[amount]. However, Emsculpt is a highly customizable treatment. The only way to get a personalized quote is by meeting with a treatment specialist who can tailor a treatment plan that matches your needs and meets your budget.” Then discuss anyway a person can save on treatment costs, like specials, incentives, etc. Also, mention any financing options your business may provide. 

Anyone playing a role in your Emsculpt sales funnel should undergo an Emsculpt. This is especially important for front desk receptionists who must share excitement and experiences with callers inquiring about Emsculpt.

Answering the caller’s questions with personal experience:


*4X less effective by waiting 10 minutes


Being placed on hold for too long, or put on hold instantly, is a major reason callers hang up or decline to book a consultation.

Receptionist: Hello. Thank you for calling Medstar Medspa. My name is Whitney. May I ask with whom I am speaking?

Caller: My name is Melissa. I am calling about CoolSculpting

Receptionist: Hello Melissa. You’re interested in CoolSculpting. That’s fantastic! May I ask you to hold for a brief moment? I have another caller on the opposite line. 

Caller: Yes

Wait until they answer yes before placing them on hold. If the caller has to be on hold for a long time, get their information and call them back.


Secret Shopping audits how staff handle leads and communicate with potential patients. The process evaluates:

Secret Shopping aims to evaluate how well a practice responds to a lead and how likely they are to close the sale.

At Medstar Media, we provide “secret shopper” services. Our top “lead nurturing” instructor calls our client’s practice pretending to be a potential customer.

For example, Our secret shopper calls a provider about the Emsculpt treatment. The caller explains that she is getting married and struggles with stubborn fat. This scenario allows the receptionist to build rapport with the caller by asking about the upcoming event. We evaluate the receptionist’s friendliness and helpfulness.

To perform a successful secret shop, we ask questions just as if we were shopping for a product we do not know about. Examples of questions include: Does it hurt? What is the downtime like? When will I see the results? How much does it cost? How well does it work? The entire conversation is recorded.

Secret Shopping is intended to illustrate where a practice needs to improve its lead nurturing to convert more leads into patients. It ultimately helps businesses improve customer acquisition. The secret shop reveals both what the practice must improve upon and where it is excelling.
The recorded call measures:

The point to keep in mind is that even though marketing has the potential to bring a practice an influx of leads, it is ultimately up to the practice’s staff to convince a prospective customer that the practice and the treatment they offer are worthy of the lead’s time and money.



Successful Customer Acquisition Management (CAM) requires collaboration. As your marketing firm, we’re responsible for generating high-quality leads. You and your staff are responsible for nurturing and converting those leads.

Measuring and tracking these leads is essential.


Metrics do more than measure. Metrics motivate. Have your staff measure and report their performance metrics each week.


Reporting should be performed every week. However, keep the metrics simple. Each week, staff members report the number of consults they performed and their revenue from each consult. From these two data sets, calculate the average Dollar Per Consult (DPC.) The DPC is the motivating metric.


DPC is an easy metric to track and calculate. But you’d be surprised how motivating this simple form of accountability can be!


You can up the ante with games, challenges, or prizes for the staff member(s) with the best DPC. However, simply reporting these metrics weekly is motivating in and of itself.

Staff may also report “wins and challenges for even better insight into your sales.” “Wins” recognize the staff member for their achievements during the previous week. “Challenges” identify elements that obstruct conversions.

Knowing your staff challenges helps you and us. For example, suppose your staff reports that too many potential leads lack the money to purchase your services. In that case, we can use that Information to adjust on our end.


The proof is in the statistics. If you want to grow your practice, improve customer retention, and see conversions, you need to nurture your leads. As a part of our medical spa marketing, we focus solely on the med spa lead generation to help you attract and keep the right customer, grow your practice, and improve your overall success as a profitable medical spa. If you want to learn more about our lead nurturing tactics, contact MedStar Media medical marketing company today.


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