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How to Hire the Best Front Desk Worker for Your Medspa

How to Hire the Best Front Desk Worker for Your Medspa​

If you own or run a medspa, you may be in the market for hiring a front desk worker. Many medical spa owners and staff are surprised to learn that this is a critical and intricate part of their business. Why? Because the front desk staff is where growth in productivity, revenue, and the business as a whole all start, choosing the proper employee involves more than selecting an excellent worker to answer phone calls.

There is so much more that goes into hiring the best front desk worker, and we will go over the ins and outs of what to look for when hiring front desk staff in this article.

What Does a Front Desk Worker Do?

So, what does a front desk worker do? Many think the front desk worker merely fields phone calls all day. In all actuality, the front desk staff oversees several critical things revolving around the success of your medical spa.

The front desk receptionist is responsible for greeting your guests and clients. In a sense, they are the face of your business, meaning you want only the best person to represent you and your establishment. In addition, this worker is also responsible for answering the phone, assisting clients with questions regarding Medspa services and products, booking all appointments, checking the clients in for each appointment, and charging them for the services performed.

Here is a proper overview of some of the most notable job duties for your front desk worker:

Schedule med spa appointments

Process paperwork

Send and reply to emails

Direct traffic within the medical spa

Answer phone calls

Check-in clients

Process billing and payments

Customer service

Make sure the medspa is adequately stocked with inventory

What to Look for in a Front Desk Worker

As mentioned, the front desk receptionist’s friendliness, expertise, and efficiency are essential. As is, their ability to make a solid first impression on potential clients. When hiring your front desk worker, there are natural qualities and attributes to look for that cannot be learned or taught; instead, they should be a part of their personality.
The most important qualities of a front desk staff member include:

The capacity to maintain a positive attitude in every situation

Communicate with

Engage with potential clients in a pleasant yet professional manner.

Essential Characteristics to Look for in a Front Desk Worker

Before hiring your front desk worker, there are essential characteristics to look for in a person that make them perfect for this position:

Being a good listener


The ability to multi-task

Pays attention to detail

Strong team player


Time management

Being a Good Listener

As front desk workers, they must listen to many different things. Some positive, like clients who rave about their experience or want to book multiple services. On the other hand, they will also have to deal with many negative situations where they have to properly listen to the client’s concerns and try to help alleviate those problems.


Enthusiasm is everything when it comes to a front desk worker. This positive trait helps your medical spa come off as a positive environment, which will also help your business give off the best first impression.

The Ability to Multitask

The best front desk worker has the ability to multitask. There will be days when your business experiences many phone calls, clients checking in for services, client concerns, etc. Your front desk worker needs to be able to prioritize and manage the demands of everything without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed.

​​Pays Attention to Detail

Your front desk staff requires a lot of attention to detail. Without it, you could experience many issues and problems in your medspa.

Strong Team Player

You will need a lot from your front desk worker. This is why they need to be a team player.
The best person for this position will be willing to do whatever it takes to perform their job effectively and in a way that promotes the medical spa in the best light. In a sense, you want them to care about your business as much as you do.


A front desk receptionist will have to solve as many as 50+ daily problems during their shift. Your front desk staff needs to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently to keep your medical spa running smoothly and your clients happy and satisfied.

Effective at Time Management

Front desk staff need to be able to manage their time efficiently throughout the day. A medical spa is a busy environment, so your worker needs to know how to manage their time best to ensure your spa operates smoothly.

Important Things Your Front Desk Staff
Need to Be Able to Do Properly

Some important things your front desk staff need to be able to do include:

Knowing the ins and outs of every medical spa service you offer

The ability to share personal experiences about medical spa services

To be willing to give reassurance to the client during their visit

Have Knowledge of the Medspa Services

Once you vet people and find the perfect worker for your front desk, you will need to train them properly for the medical spa business. Giving staff the knowledge and skills necessary to convert leads into potential clients is one of the main goals of the front desk training. Every treatment, including its purposes, uses, and possible integration into a particular treatment plan, must be known to all staff.

When your staff knows all the services and how they stack up against the competitors, the client will feel engaged and in the right place, helping lead to conversions and a lifelong client.

Share Personal Experiences

In addition, it is a good idea to share personal experiences to generate interest in the treatment, spa, and personnel. The market for medical aesthetics is quite competitive, and consumers are much better informed and have access to a wide range of resources. Thus, convincing a potential client to schedule a consultation with you depends on your staff’s ability to speak with authority about your company, medical professionals, the products and treatments you offer, and why you are better than the competition.

Reassure the Clients

The best front desk worker should be trained to put your potential clients at ease. Creating and applying automated processes like automatic text messages improve client convenience. Your potential clients react positively to convenience, prompt response, and expertise. Direct phone calls are another key way to convert a lead into a likely patient. Ensuring they will receive top-notch service is setting clear expectations, demonstrating a friendly, engaging tone, responding to pricing inquiries appropriately, encouraging scheduling a consultation, highlighting any special offers and financing options that could be available, and building excitement around the treatment, spa, and staff.

Why Lead Nurturing and Front Desk
Training are Crucial for Your MedSpa

Once you have finally found the perfect front desk staff for your medical spa business, you should invest in proper lead nurturing and front desk training.
These are vital components to the success of your business, and by properly training your staff, you’re investing more into your company, ensuring a more successful venture.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a process that involves your front desk staff communicating with your leads over a period of time, healing clients or potential clients along their path toward becoming regular patrons of your business. As a medical spa, you must learn what the leads are looking for and deliver that. 

Your front desk staff can nurture leads in different ways. Most medspa’s rely on emails, texts, and phone calls to communicate properly. It is also a good idea to be proactive and ask your leads what method of communication works best for them. But no matter how your staff communicates, the goal is always the same: Get them excited about experiencing aesthetic treatments in your medical spa!

Front Desk Training

Proper front desk training is arguably one of the most important things you could ever do as a medical spa owner. It is crucial for your staff to have the proper training they need to help your medical spa be successful. So, once you have worked hard to find the appropriate person for the front desk staff position, you should then focus on front desk training.

What is front desk training? It’s simply really. Front desk training in your medspa is a vital yet often overlooked part of successfully selling medical aesthetics treatments and increasing med spa lead generations. In simple terms, improving your front desk training is the only way to book more consultations and sell more services.

MedStar Media Specialises in Front Desk Training and Lead Nurturing

If you just started a medical spa or medispa business, or maybe you have been an owner for decades but are struggling to find or train your front desk staff, MedStar Media can help. One of our most popular marketing services is the front desk training we offer you and your staff. 

We make proper front desk training available to your staff as a way to increase med spa lead generation, improve the success of your business, and help you build your clientele. By enhancing your front desk and lead nurturing practices, you will book more consultations and sell more treatments.

If you want to learn more about our lead nurturing tactics, including front desk training, contact MedStar Media medical marketing company today.

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