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Whether you are in the business of medical cosmetics, such as CoolSculpting, cosmetic dentistry, such as Invisalign, or any service-based industry, attracting customers online is critical to remain competitive and operate a thriving practice.

But digital marketing can quickly become a complicated platform for busy business owners to operate. We at Medstar Media are here to break it down for you, listing the six critical elements for attracting customers online.


  1. Online Visibility: How visible are you to your online consumers? Where does your website rank organically on Google? How does it perform on review platforms? Is it listed on Google maps?

If your website does not rank at the top of Google’s first-page search results, your only (immediate) option for online visibility is to run paid ads.

  1. Paid Targeted Ads – The fastest way to improve your online presence and bring your website to the top of Google’s first page is with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), namely, paid Google ads. Also known as Pay-per-click (PPC) leads, ads are targeted to specific demographics, isolated to people living in your area, and directed to consumers already showing interest in the services you are marketing.

Marketing Tip:

Only run ads that direct the consumer to your webpage.

  • Google ads: Spend the majority of marketing dollars on Google ads — they perform the best.
  • Social media ads: Facebook performs better than Instagram. Form-fill ads on Facebook do not work well.
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the best leads are free. These free leads, known as organic traffic, come to providers who rank at the top of Google’s first-page organic search results.
  • To rank organically, you need to enhance your website with unique content on a monthly basis and get authoritative links to their website.
  1. Website Development: SEO and paid campaigns aimed at attracting online customers are only worth their investment if consumers are directed to a website optimized to generate leads.

Optimized websites load quickly (test webpage load time here:  )

Optimized websites make it easy for the consumer to contact the provider. All vital information–phone number, available promotion, and free consult form– should be above the “fold.”

  1. Lead reaction time – Leads have a short half-life. You need to contact the potential customer while their interest is still fresh.

Providers should immediately follow up on inquiries. Your lead response time should be under 10 minutes. Emails are rarely opened. Call first, then text. 

  1. Website conversion rate –  websites that load quickly and easily generate more leads. Providers should optimize their pages to attain the highest conversion rate possible.

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take the desired action (call or fill out a consultation request form)


Ensuring you excel at these six keys for attracting online customers will take your business to the next level. We at Medstar Media would love to analyze your website and provide a free consultation about your online presence, website, and digital marketing strategy. We will provide actionable tips and demonstrate with real-world examples to ensure the consultation is valuable and worth your time (whether you decide to work with us or not).

For a free, no-obligation analysis and consultation, please fill out the online form below, call or text (801) 890-3847, or email us at [email protected].


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Chris Zelig
Chris Zelig
Chris Zelig was born at a young age. He is a digital marketing expert who specializes in customer acquisition.
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