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5 Steps to Converting
a Phone Lead Like
a Pro in 2024

5 Steps to Converting a Phone Lead Like a Pro in 2024

Learn our Marketing Secrets,
Tips, and Tricks to Solid Conversions

5 Steps to Converting a Phone Lead Like a Pro in 2024​

Learn our Marketing Secrets, Tips, and Tricks to Solid Conversions

In the world of marketing, conversions mean everything. This is why many digital marketing agencies focus primarily on generating more traffic for a client’s website. More eyes on your page means more potential customers! And since this is such a significant part of marketing, this is where the majority of the budget is spent. However, making the most of the traffic you receive is part of the strategy.
In this article, we will discuss lead generation and lead nurturing before we dive into our failproof 5-step list to convert phone leads like a pro in 2024 so you can hit the ground running and boost your business in the New Year!

If You Want Conversions, You Have to Invest

First, it is crucial to understand the importance of investing in marketing for your business. Lead generation, lead nurturing, and many other marketing tactics are crucial to your business’s online and in-person success.
In addition, investing in the generation and nurturing of your leads allows you to understand your audience better. It is also vital in collecting data that helps digital marketing in the long run.
One such article shows a 222% increase in the average customer acquisition cost in ten years. From $9 in 2013 to $29 in 2022, and with no sign of a decline, it is a good idea to focus on engaging and converting those clicks to help your business turn a mega profit.

Schedule med spa appointments

Process paperwork

Send and reply to emails

Direct traffic within the medical spa

Answer phone calls

Check-in clients

Process billing and payments

Customer service

Make sure the medspa is adequately stocked with inventory

What Exactly is Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing?

If you’re new to marketing or running your own business, lead generation and lead nurturing may be newer terms for you. However, for marketing gurus, the generation and nurturing of leads means everything to the success and profit of a business. Without either, your company will not flourish to its full potential.
First, you must understand how to generate leads. Lead generation, by definition, is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. As a medical spa, you will get most of your leads from digital marketing efforts through a gravity form on each website landing page. For example, if a potential customer lands on your website and fills out the forms to “learn more information” about a particular service, they are officially a “lead,” and it is now your turn to nurture this lead and achieve a conversion!

By definition, lead nurturing is a process by which you communicate with your leads over a period of time, helping them understand your treatments and helping them along their path to becoming a potential client. As a medspa, you need to find out what your potential leads are looking for in terms of aesthetic services and then deliver those treatments in the absolute best way.

No matter how you choose to communicate with leads, the main goal is always the same: Get them excited about experiencing aesthetic treatments in your medical spa. Establishing a lead conversion process starts by stopping “selling.” Once you realize that selling only focuses on you and your business while concentrating on your customers’ needs by nurturing them leads to conversions.

A Quick Overview of
Our 5-Step Plan to Conversions

A Quick Overview of Our 5-Step Plan to Conversions

Here is a quick overview of our 5-step plan to increase conversions:

Step 1: Respond to Leads ASAP

Step 2: Highlight your Unique Edge

Step 3: Educate & Build Rapport

Step 4: Be Prepared to Answer the Cost Question

Step 5: Book the Consultation

Understanding our 5 Steps to
Convert a Phone Lead Like a Pro

Now, let’s actually dive into this 5-step plan and discuss the 5 different components and how exactly to achieve them:

1) A Quick Response Time

Quickly responding to your leads means the difference between a successful conversion and a missed opportunity. Not only do you need to know the importance of a quick response time, but it is crucial to train your front desk staff to understand this is an extremely important part of their job.
In addition, a quick response shows your lead that you care about them and starts a positive, strong customer service relationship with your clientele.

Some more reasons you should adopt a swift response time to all leads:

2) Communicate What Sets You Apart

What sets you apart from the literal millions of other medical spas in the area? Your leads want to know. They want to know why they should select you and what about your business differs from all the others. This part of the process is another way to strengthen the bond between your business and your customers.
In addition, you should:

3) Build Rapport through Education

Positive rapport between you, your front desk staff, providers, and customers is crucial for a successful business. One way you can strengthen this rapport is by letting your customers know the amount of education and time you and your staff members have put into being the best in the medical spa industry. As mentioned, millions of medical spas exist in the U.S. alone, so why should your customer choose you? You have the education and expertise they need to receive these highly technique-sensitive treatments by ONLY the best and most educated professionals.

More ways to build and strengthen rapport include:

4) Be Prepared to Answer the Cost Question

Let’s be honest, medical spa services are not cheap, and they are definitely an investment for some individuals. It is important to be very transparent about your prices in the beginning for your potential customers. Not everyone can afford these services, and it is important to be very upfront and honest about your pricing with leads.

When discussing cost with a lead, you should:

5) Schedule the Consultation

Once you have quickly followed up with your lead, built a strong and positive rapport, explained your expertise, and discussed all the most important things surrounding a medical spa service, cost, performance, etc., it is time to schedule a consultation!
Let your lead know that making a consultation is such a simple thing. Some businesses provide free consultations, which help entice potential clients to book a consultation, effectively getting them through the door of your establishment where you can continue to nurture them and achieve a conversion.

It is important to:

Learn More about Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing,
and Digital Marketing Conversions from the Experts

Learn more about medical spa lead generation, lead nurturing, and digital marketing conversions from the experts. MedStar Media is proud to be a leading expert in the digital marketing efforts of some of the country’s top-rated and most successful medical spas…and for good reason! We make sure your medical spa is set up for true success by ensuring you have everything you need, including marketing, google ads, front desk training, and so much more.

We understand the value of proper training and education to help generate, nurture, and convert every lead you receive. Learn more about MedStar Media, request a free analysis and med spa marketing consultation. We use several different types of strategies and tools to boost your online traffic–ultimately increasing conversions. We provide actionable tips and real examples to ensure the consultation is valuable and worth your time (whether you decide to work with us or not).

For a free, no-obligation med spa SEO analysis and consultation, please fill out the online form below, call or text (801) 890-3847, or email us at [email protected].

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