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How to Stop Losing CoolSculpting Customers

 A robust digital marketing campaign and online presence are critical to competing in the overly saturated market of CoolSculpting. Read on to learn about the five common mistakes CoolSculpting providers are making that are costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Why Trust Medstar Media for Marketing Advice?

We are the marketing firm behind 3 of the top 5 highest selling CoolSculpting providers. Take our client, SKINNEY Medspa, for example. We designed and continue to market their website, and they are now the #1 CoolSculpting provider on the East Coast. 

5 Common CoolSculpting Marketing Mistakes

By analyzing data from hundreds of thousands of site visitors, the team at Medstar Media has identified the main reasons potential CoolSculpting customers choose one provider over the other.

If you are losing CoolSculpting customers to the competition, try fixing the following:

You’re invisible online! People are searching online for CoolSculpting providers. If you do not rank at the top of Google, you are losing customers. A targeted ad campaign and SEO can efficiently resolve this.

You’re too hard to contact.  If website visitors cannot see your phone number, consultation form, headline, and a graphic without scrolling down, you’re too hard to reach and you’re losing customers as a result.

You’re making your customer wait! Most CoolSculpting sites are too slow to generate leads. If your site does not load in less than 3 seconds, you’re losing customers.

Test your site speed here>

You lack visible proof of your credibility.  You need social proof to be credible. This is especially true when trustworthiness is a major deciding factor for a customer shopping around for CoolSculpting providers.

Customers want real testimonials and genuine reviews from people they can relate to.  Add screenshots of reviews, testimonials, and before and after photos to your website. If you do not have them, you will lose customers.

You’re letting potential customers leave your website. When customers attempt to leave your site, give them a reason to stay. A promotional pop up can incentivize signing up for a free consultation. This is a trick we learned from, and it has proven to be a simple way to triple your lead generation.

Stop Losing CoolSculpting Customers

Stop losing CoolSculpting customers. Medstar Media can help. Schedule a free CoolSculpting strategy session

Receive a FREE online audit and a FREE 20-minute strategy session from Medstar Media, the marketing experts behind the #1 selling CoolSculpting provider. You will like us. We guarantee it. And even if we don’t work together, we will make the consultation worth your time by offering expert insight and customized suggestions for optimizing your website to sell more CoolSculpting.

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